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We had heard of Round House from a Swedish couple staying at our guesthouse and took a drive out one afternoon for an early dinner and to catch the sunset.

Round House is a historic restaurant was built in the early 1800's and is a popular spot next to the equally popular surf beach - The Soup Bowl. 

The rugged east coast and rough Atlantic Ocean waves consistently hitting the shore makes it the most popular place in the Caribbean to catch some waves.

Sunnies Illesteva
The Round House serves continental Caribbean food. So we're talking West Indie deliciousness. 

We started with house rum punch with a pinch of cinnamon on top. 

The historic restaurant was once an inn over 100 years ago and has four uniquely designed rooms all of which have amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Cajun chicken sandwich.

Coconut Shrimp (Which if ever on the menu I have to order).

I'm sensing turquoise is a theme here. 

After dinner we took a walk down the beach to relax.

Found this straw hat Forever 21.

The Soup Bowl has amazing natural tide pools filled with sea life.

It's like a little pool for every beach goer - just have to watch our for the sea urchins. They're cute but if you step on one of their spines ouch!

These photos remind so much of the ones from Hawaii.

So fun lounging on the sand and watching the surfers in the distance. If I didn't have the worst balance in the world, I would absolutely love to learn how to surf. I think it would be so rewarding and relaxing once riding a nice wave.

When in Bathsheba, a stop at the Round House and The Soup Bowl is the perfect relaxing and slow paced afternoon but really showcases what makes exploring more than just a resort of the island is so important. 



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