Around Town ::: Central Park

Now that spring has sprung, New York City is as glorious as ever!

I swear the entire vibe of the city switches when the weather gets nice and everyone/everything seems 100x nicer.

Every year, we dart straight to Central Park for a big picnic to welcome the change of the season to spring.

Our picnics are usually byob/f (bring your own booze and food) but everyone throws their treats in the center of the blanket for picking.

Cherry Blossoms <3

We arrived around 1pm and planted ourselves right near the ice rink (which was out of order, a great sign of the weather).

The whole gang + an Aussie pup.

As you can see, we were not short of snacks - ask the pup Franklin. 

Not pictured our secret bottles of wine hidden in our backpacks.

It's so crazy how if you sit in the middle of the park for long enough, you almost forget that you are right dab in the middle of New York City.

We spent the day, braiding each others hair (no really) and chatting the day away.

It wasn't until the sun was almost set at 6:30pm and the temperature started dropping that we decided to pack up and head out.

A view of inside the park from the perimeter - not a building in site only trees and water.

Tourist or local - Central Park is a must destination in NYC for a walk, picnic or even trying out the many activities the park has to offer.



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