You probably been able to tell by now, but I am hand-bag girl through and through.

It's the first thing I look at when admiring someone else's outfit and the first accessory I choose when thinking about my outfit.

I am a huge fan of Fashionphile - an online fashion boutique that sells previously owned fashion items for absolutely amazing prices.

 I basically checking the website daily to see what's in inventory and am almost an expert on what handbags stand the test of time and what each bag is going for.

That's why when I saw this Valentino Vitello Rock Studded crossbody in this pink for over 50% off I had to jump on it!

Most of my handbag purchases have a story. Whether it's my birthday, the anniversary at work or hunting a deal that cannot be missed - I've pretty much never bought any of the pieces in my collection at full price.

This purchase was more of an impulse bag. My family dog of 17 years was put down :( and I have the habit of retail therapy when something bad happens to me or I'm feeling down. The outrageous discounted price also was keeping me up all night and I knew if the bag was purchased by one of the 26 people who had it in their cart I would be devastated. 

So Sparkles - named after my pup- welcome to the family!

The bag was previously owned and said that it had some surface scratches - but to be honest upon carefully examination of the bag it was as close to perfect as a brand new one!

And honestly, have you have a chance to browse the site I guarantee you will never pay full price for a designer item again.

It even came with the original tags and iconic red Valentino dust bag.

In love with this new piece to my collection and urgently suggest you check out Fashionphile for your next big purchase!



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