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Before even leaving for our trip to Barbados, there was one very important activity on my list - spend the day on a catamaran (Originally it was with Rihanna but I took my loses with my gains).

We heard it was difficult to schedule a ride, unless you did so in advance but we were lucky to call two days before and get a three hour snorkel and sail package with Calabaza Sailing Cruises. 

Immediately upon stepping on to the Calabaza II we were greeted by the crew and rum punch.

The crew was super friendly and were made up of locals and British boys who grew up summering in Barbados and decided not to leave- don't blame them.

They encouraged us to lounge at the front of the boat while they came around serving snacks and refilling our drinks before the last sip was had.

From the ocean to our outfits blue was the color of the day.


Suit: Asos
Sunnies: Quay
Shorts: Levi

We passed by this pirate ship on our way out to snorkel! Ahoy matey!

Never grew up with boats or around them, but I sure do love them.

Just glancing up at the sails dancing in the wind was so relaxing.

Our first stop was to swim with turtles.

The professionals made their way into the water with Turtle bait to leer the little guys near the boat. They were so friendly and majestic swimming up and around us. At one point I lost the turtle I was following around and when I looked down he was swimming right at my belly!

The crew also include underwater photographs from your experience! This was such a relief to me because the moment we saw those turtles underwater my thoughts were - why didn't we get an underwater camera?! - knowing we'd have photos of this amazing experience without having to stress out about taking them and simply enjoy it was so amazing!

Our next stop was to a ship wreck.

It was kinda creepy looking down and seeing a sunk ship with caverns of sea life popping out from all directions.

I kept imagining a big shark or whale's shadowing approaching and it made me swim back to the boat as soon as I had enough exploring.

Between spots we chatted and made friends with the others on the trip and snacked on some more food.

The lady to the left of Sean, is a travel blogger from Belgrade who spends her time traveling around the world, mostly alone and capturing amazing photos.

The catamaran had an entire indoor section too with a kitchen, dinette, two bedrooms and two baths.

I can not rave enough about the crew on Calabaza - they were very attentive to their guests needs and made sure everyone had a good time, cracking jokes and refilling rum punch for all three hours.

Fried fish balls yum!!!

My mate.

Definitely got more brave around the boat as the time passed by.

This was one of our crew members who came to Barbados with his British family and never returned - living the dream!

After we stopped at all the snorkel spots we settled in at the front of the boat to enjoy the sunset cruise back to shore.

With more bites and booze of course!

Absolutely breathtaking.

I could get use to this boat life! Who wants to sail around world?!

Barbados you captured my heart!

Cruise ships dock at Bridgetown daily, letting a handful of tourists crowd the city every day for hours at a time.

Anchored at the dock.

The catamaran was most definitley the highlight of my Barbadian vacation. 

Snorkling with tea turtles and getting to see ship wreck all while swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea and getting fed/booze up - this is what I call a vacation!

The other best part of Calabaza Sailing Cruises is that they pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or apartment.

I would most definitely recommend taking a Calabaza Cruise whenever in Barbados!



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