Travel ::: Barbados Last Day

On our last day in Barbados we decided to stay in the neighborhood and enjoy the beach for one last time.

But not before popping some prosecco for mimosas.

Coincidentally, we found our first coffee shop on our last day too.

Ice lattes....I miss you!

Even on our last day, I couldn't get over the color of the water.


At lunch, we walked up to a little boardwalk with food vendors selling beach side food.

This little guy joined our luncheon.

Beers and burgers for the win!

Even the currency here is bold and beautiful.

My haul of souvenirs. 

Barbados 2016!

We stayed on the beach until sunset.

After relaxing at home, we decided to get dinner down the street and call it an early night for our 6am flight back to New York.


Zara Dress
Eric Michel Shoes
Forever 21 Hat
Balenciaga Bag

We had such a wonderful time on the island of Barbados - although I'm dying to see the other islands the Caribbean has to offer - the food, people, beaches and culture were such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend a trip to Barbados for anyone looking to escape to a paradise.



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