Travel ::: Montauk Day One ::: Night

After spending the. what I call, glamping part of our day out and about in Montauk we retreated back to our camp site for sunset and dinner. 

The camp site.

Thayer helping build the fire for the night.

The short walk from our campsite to the water.

The water was a bit too cold to dive into being the beginning of summer but a few brave souls made their way in to refresh.

Golden Hour <3

We all sat around the edge of the water watching the sun descend into night.

So gorgeous - I felt like I was further than three hours from home.

Before the light left the day, we went back to the campsite to prep dinner.

Bison burgers, grilled shrimp, steamed veggies and beers were shared amongst the chatter seated around the fire.

Good night Montauk, good night moon - until tomorrow!



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