Travel ::: Montauk Day One

Now that Summer is here it means weekend getaways when we can find a full weekend to sneak away.

This past weekend, we were invited to Cedar Point, East Hampton to go camping for Sean's brother's birthday.

We arrived late Friday night after work, and woke up in nature to the birds and the sound of the ocean.

Luckily for us city folk, all of the campers we were with are nature enthusiasts and had all the gear we would possibly need to survive camping out of our cars.

This was my very first camp experience ever - besides some backyard camping but not sure this group would say that counts. My mom was jokes that our form of camping is a Holiday Inn or Best Western haha.

From what I heard of camping however, is that your experience really depends on the group you are with and we had such a great group there was no choice but to have a great time.

Sean's cousin Mark was kind enough to bring us cold brew from his coffee shop Southdown Coffee.

And bagels from the Bagel Smith.

Camp patterns.

Since the weather was a bit shotty, we decided to take a hike along the Montauk Lighthouse 

We parked on one end of the light house with the goal to walk around the other side and back.

Another world - so close but yet so far away.

And we're off!

We're coming for you lighthouse!


Something about dark woods and dark green lush against the sand that really makes out East so aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind.

.....I mean.

I always felt like views like this could only be found on the West Coast.

We hiked through a canopy of trees and wild life...

...before breaking out and yet again seeing a closer look at this breathtaking view.

We arrived at the beach with people fishing and taking in the ocean breeze.

Sand art.

The most thrilling part was walking along all these boulders against the water to make our way around the other side of the lighthouse.

It felt like being in a video game (where it could end as game over) but with some hand holding I made it through to the other side.

You Are Here.

This map was super helpful in figuring out the geography of our location and a little reminder to be in the now.

It started raining just as we finished our hike, so we decided to stop at Gurney's for lunch.

Recently, the original beach shacks at Gurney's was sold by it's owner and made into a lux Resort & Spa.

We all wanted to take this rope feature home with us to hang on the wall.

The Hugo and a Montauk Brew.

When in Montauk...Lobster Rolls!

After lunch, the sun started shining through the clouds so we made our way to the back porch to finish our drinks before heading back to camp.

That's a bar down there which was not open due to the weather. Is this Miami Beach or New York?

Love the subtle nautical decor on the deck with the bulb lights and navy stripes. 

Although the season just started, and it was raining, there were quite a few groups enjoying bottles of Rosé the deck as well.

Thayer (the lovely gal who put together this trip) and I.

The birthday boy.


I was so pleased with our day and the mix of adventures. 

From toasting our bagels over the fire, to hiking amongst nature and taking in the ocean views, to lunch and drinks at Gurney's what a great way to get familiar with all that Montauk has to offer!



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