Travel ::: Montauk Day Two

We woke up on day two to the most beautiful weather!

Blue skies and calm waters. Which wasn't ideal for the surfers in our group looking for an afternoon on the waves.

We hiked around the Montauk lighthouse again, looking for a decent spot for the guys to surf.

On top of the wooooorlllddd!!!

While I am not a surfer, and the beautiful water was a beautifully freezing 60 degrees or so, a small group escaped to Surf Lodge for some drinks and visiting a friend at her pop-up shop.

The deck.

Loving those colorful basket chairs. 

Lounge chairs and tiki umbrella to relax by the water.

Luckily we were there the first weekend after memorial day, so the place was pretty relaxed with a few scattered tables.

The Hunted pop-up shop by the talented Stacey George.

I wanted to take this whole set up home (especially the neon yellow blanket)!

Summer neons in full swing! 

Love that during the summer you're allowed to throw in pops of neon to any outfit. 

Ordering some drinks.


Jumpsuit (Zara)
Hat (Forever 21)

Watermelon drinks are definitely on my top ten reasons I love Summer.

The inside lounge. 

We decided a change of scenery was in order and hopped in the car to downtown Montauk.

We grabbed dinner at the Gig Shack. 

A casual -off the beach- food joint with the best fish sandwich I've ever had in my life!

Sliders for the man...

....and a jumbo crab cake for me. Always order the crab cake if it was on the menu.

I had such a great experience my first time to the end of the world. Although, it can be hard to find a hotel or house with availability in your price range - I strongly suggest camping with a good group of friends and spending the day exploring the surrounding area and all it has to offer (trendy bars included).



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