Ladies We Adore ::: Collage Vintage

Whether it's a lifestyle or fashion there are alway two things I look out for when discovering a new blogger - a unique aesthetic and consistency. 

That's why we adore Sara Escudero of Collage Vintage

Her style is bohemian meets city - you can see her wardrobe is highly influenced by her Spanish heritage. I can't tell you enough how utterly and effortlessly cool the street style fashion is in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Wearing flowy tops and drop crotch pants matched with bold silver jewelry and a top knot are some of Sara's fashion staples. 

Not to mention I love her (seemingly) lack of photoshop and overly filtered photos. Her body isn't flawless but it's real and sending the right message to girls everywhere. 

Her vibe is approachable (most of her clothes are from Zara) yet stands out on it's own. And I can't help be super jealous of her #CollageOntheRoad series because she's always traveling and on the go!

Bonus* her photog boyfriend also does great street style under the handle -  CollageVintage2


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