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Sean and I like to use our Summers to enjoy the east coast and sometimes take trips out west instead of traveling out of the country. 

This year, we traveled to Colorado for a friend's wedding and took the opportunity to sneak a little vacation. 

I arrived Thursday night, and after checking into Hotel Teatro, we called an uber to meet my college friend Katie (who moved back home to Colorado about two years ago) at Amato Beer Garden.

Always so wonderful to catch up with friends <3 and realizing things are exactly where you left them.

The next morning had breakfast in the lobby and ordered coffee to get caffeinated to explore Denver.

Hotel details - loving these mirrored cubes.

These cute bikes were parked outside and available for rent from the hotel.

It's the little things that make your stay so special.

As you can probably pick up from the named of our hotel, we stayed in the theatre district and the Performing Arts building across the street looked right out of an old Italian city.


Although we weren't hungry, we really wanted an excuse to go into Sam's Diner for a bite.

Along 16th Street, is a promenade where cars aren't allowed to drive, with restaurants, bars and stores along the way along with some awesome street art to admire.

Like this mirror wall...

...and this yellow rest spot.

At around 1pm we jumped in our rental car and started the three hour drive over to Aspen.

Roadtrip necessitates.

We drove through the craziest rainstorm on the way (just around a one way street that met the cliff nbd) but once we arrived in Aspen the skies cleared and we were able to take in our new beautiful surroundings.

View from the Jerome Hotel

We arrived around 5pm for the welcome dinner of the Wedding at the Jerome Hotel.

Colorado definitely a certain style. The materials in the interiors has a more textured and rugged vibe  that really make you feel like you're in the mountains but with a city-like culture. 

Sean and I snuck up to the patio with our drinks for golden hour.

Cheers to the weekend in Aspen!

In Aspen, literally everywhere you turn you're surrounded by mountains and gorgeous views. 

Breathtaking views.

More pics to come!


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