New In ::: Furla Wallet

There's something so special about the packaging you receive when purchasing an item in the flagship store that makes the hassle of getting there so worth it!

That's why when I found myself in Manhattan on a Saturday after a day in Central Park I made the dangerous decision of stopping at the newly opened Furla Flagship on Fifth Ave.

But seriously look at the details every step of the way from untying the ribbon on the shopping bag to the final reveal of the item. It really is an art amongst itself...

Drum roll please....


I swear her name is Allegra because it just makes you just smile every time you reach for your wallet.

I had been looking for a new wallet, and most of the ones I liked were $300 and up (I know expensive taste). So when I laid eyes on this girl at first on Shopbop for well under $100 I literally turned to my coworker and said "I need that".

Ask. Believe. Receive... hahah from me to me.

And I'm not sure what you think but she's a rockstar in my eyes <3.


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