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For my friend Christina's actual birthday we set off to Annapolis from DC for a day on the water.

Annapolis is such a cute coastal town that really embraces it's nautical spirit.

Especially being only 30 min outside of Washington D.C.

We met up with all of the sailboat passengers at the Pusser's Caribbean Grille dock bar and had a cocktail before getting on board the Wood Win.

All Aboard The Wood Win!

This is the sailboat that they used in the movie Wedding Crashers - which I found hilarious!

This special birthday girl got to steer the ship!

So relaxing (and hot!) sailing along the water.

I'll take one of those water front homes - pleaseeeeee.

The crew on board was wonderful and kept busy altering the sails and running around grabbing the passengers drinks.

The cruise was three hours long and had a cash bar in which you could order bottles of champagne, beer, wine and soft drinks. 

Our crew!

If there was one thing I wish I could own to enjoy the summer it would be a boat!

After anchoring at the dock we walked around the downtown area of Annapolis a bit and got a snack.

How cute are these colorful little colonial homes!

I wasn't leaving Maryland without having any crabs so for dinner we drove to a local crab shack - The Point.

At The Point people actually pull up their boats right to the restaurant to grab a bite and a drink.

How gorgeous and delicious are these crabs!?

And this crab cake is all meat - unlike the ones you get up north which are heavily breaded.

Holy yum!

Don't Thread on Me!

A view of the restaurant from the dock.

I had such a wonderful time in Annapolis - such a beautiful coastal town that reminds me why living on the east coast is so special!


  1. What an awesome write up about Annapolis. Makes me want to go!😊

  2. What an awesome write up about Annapolis. Makes me want to go!😊


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