Travel ::: Aspen Art Museum

On our list of things to do in Aspen was to visit the Aspen Art Museum.

AAM is a non-collecting contemporary art museum that exhibits sculptures, paintings drawings and installations.

The absolute coolest house across the street. 

The architecture in Aspen is a balance of traditional lodge cabins and modern buildings.

The landscape surrounding the hotel is where the art begins -  featuring this cool metal sculpture by Liz Larner. 

Even the art museum itself is a piece of art in it's own regard - very meta. 

AAM was originally housed in a converted hydroelectric plant on North Mill Street and opened it's new location on Hyman Avenue in August of 2014.

The building's architect Shigeru Ban won the Pritzker Prize for the architecture of the building.

The landscaping and the benches that surround the museum are used as a community space where you can see people eating their lunches or enjoying the scenery. 

The museum was free to enter - which made it that much more awesome!

Never take action when you're angry.

We started on the lower level and made our way up.

The Revolution Will Not Be Gray

John Outterbridge: Rag Man

The rooftop sculpture garden was definitely my favorite piece. The hot pink almost lava looking fountain against Aspen Mountain was just out of this world.

by Lydia Benglis

We were enjoying ourselves so much, we decided to keep the party going and get a drink at the rooftop eatery.

There are so many lines and layers to the AAM building, it is so different and beautiful at every angle. 

Hawaii or Colorado?

Gabriel Orozco

Alan Shields: Protracted Simplicity.

So glad we had the time to stop in at the Aspen Art Museum before hitting the road back to Denver. I think it was my favorite activity on the trip!



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