Travel ::: Independence Pass

We had heard from many locals that we had to stop at Independence Pass during our 3 hour drive back to Denver.

Although not officially Independence Pass, we were forced to prematurely pull over on the side of State Highway 82 to get a better look at the amazing Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Monochromatic in grey (aka just lazy and comfy for the ride home post wedding).

Crazy cool mountain rocks on the side of the road the whole ride down.

The whole drive was so beautiful, we finally know we were at the right place when we saw this sign above on the side of the road next to a parking lot.

Originally known as Hunter Pass, Independence Pass is a mountain pass on the Continental Divide in the Sawatch Range of central Colorado.

Reaching an elevation of 12,095 feet, the pass is midway between Aspen and Twin Lakes.

Breathtaking view.

Luckily for us, we made our travel to Colorado during the summer, because due to the heavy snowfall this scenic view is closed in the wintertime.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

(love this quote and the meaning behind it)

Almost appears like life on Mars.

You know you're in Colorado when...

It only became visible to me when I was editing in this photo, but there had been another rainbow in the middle of the alpine tundra the whole time we were there. Magic!

The stormy sky made for a dramatic backdrop against the mountains.

When the raindrops started to hit the ground fat and heavy, we knew it was about time to get in the car and continue our drive.

What a beautiful and iconic way to end our trip to Colorado. Now if you we only knew we would be delayed in Delta's mass shut-down and would spend the next 18 hours in the airport maybe we would have explored for another day....

(Can't always win with travel- but we did receive a voucher from the airlines without begging or even asking, so that was nice!)


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