Around Town ::: The Brooklyn Crab

This post is actually about a month ago, but I hadn't gotten around to posting it yet (along with my trip to Top of the Rock).

On Monday of Labor Day weekend, to get the last bits of the sea shore in, we hopped in an ├╝ber and headed to Red Hook; destination: Brooklyn Crab.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Allie went here for a friend's birthday and knowing my love for crab, told me I had to go if I am a true crab fan. So with no plans on the horizon for our day off on Labor Day we planned to make it there for lunch.

While we waited for a seat in the roof top dining room, we grabbed a drink and checked out the backyard, Reed Park:

Where we encourage our customers to eat, drink and play. 

The little miniature golf coarse on the perimeter of the park was absolutely adorable and not to mention free! (Which is unheard of anywhere in NYC).

More than most restaurants, I wanted every item on the menu.

I grew up in a Portuguese family so cod fish, shrimp, mussels, clams, eels were always meals on the table...I think it's pretty clear we like seafood.

Between the banks of booths was an unlimited line of hot sauce you're welcome to steal and use.

We started with popcorn shrimp.

I got a raw bar platter...

...and the boy got the King Crab Sandwich (the last one of the day we later found out when the couple seated next tried ordering one) .

When you're just getting use to the costal life and summer is over.

The graffiti along the back walls were eye catchers and really made the space come alive. 

Honestly when you're inside the restaurant you really forget you're in the city and not at some little shore town.

This is the straw bag I got for $5 at Miss Pixie's in DC! 

I think it pairs well with these Montauk beers don't you?

I believe this is where the captain sleeps when he's on shore ;)

After we ate and played a round of miniature golf we walked down to the water and industrial buildings that use to be factories and have now turned into studios.

This vintage subway was left here untouched - such a cool relic of what once was.


Zara Dress
Levi Shorts
Madewell Chambray
Vintage Straw Bag + Bandana
Ray Ban Sunnies

Hello Lady Liberty!

ahhhh summer when it's not 100 degrees.

We walked back to town and explored the rest of Red Hook.

Since it was Labor Day, and everyone was most likely at the beach or out of the city, it was quiet but obviously another quaint little part of Brooklyn with food, drinks and art venues waiting to be experienced.

We did find one little place that was open for food and drinks.

To be quiet honest I don't remember the name of the place, or where exactly it was ...

...but I do know that I ran into Michelle Williams there and tried to sneak a picture and got caught!

(sooooo embarrassing)

But hey, at least I know I am as cool as Michelle Williams - amiright?


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