Around Town ::: Top of the Rock

During the weekend, we usually find ourselves on adventures but last weekend, we definitely set a record for earliest date we've ever been on! 

We set our alarms for 6:30am on Saturday, and headed to Top of the Rock.

We got tickets earlier in the week for 8am, as an attempt to beat the crowds.

Top of the Rock is considered one of the world's top destination sites.

We grabbed some coffee on the concourse level and made our way to the elevators that would take us all the way up to the observation deck. 

Upon entering the lobby, we were met with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal chandelier who turns out sponsor the observation deck.

We read the walls displaying the history and planning of Rockefeller Center, which was super interesting. The building of Rockefeller Center is where the infamous Lunch Upon a Skyscraper photograph was taken in 1932.

There are no words to describe the wonder + awe you face when opening the doors and getting your first glimpse of the spectacular view. 



Jacket : Gap
Skirt: Zara
Top: Zara
Bag: Chloe
Sunnies: Wildfox

I have to say, waking up super early on the Saturday, although at first super daunting was totally worth it! (And that says a lot coming from someone who is not a morning person).
Being able to capture the space without running into people left and right was such a nice calming experience.

I think the best part of the views from the Top of the Rock is that you are above the Empire State Building and the iconic building makes the photo too! What a beaut!

Central Park from above.

I <3 New York!

I may seem like a natural ;) but believe or not this was my first time at Top of the Rock - unfortunately it's one of those things where when you live in a city you don't look to do the cool (touristic) stuff the city has to offer. 

After admiring + taking in the views for another hour or so, we felt inspired and headed downtown to the Chelsea galleries and grab lunch. More pics to come in the next post!


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