Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Birthday Loot Part II

...Part II of the birthday loot...

The Comme de Garçon long sleeves Play tee was also another item on my wish list that I had decided months ago I would treat myself to on my birthday... wish is my command :).

This cute little polka dot bag was from Allie...

...filled with little treasures from Anthropology. 

Create your own luck

My godmother and uncle gifted me a Bimba Y Lola crossbody from their trip to Portugal.

Ain't she purtty?

I really love the frosted hardware - super nice detail.

A friend of mine gifted me these Tsum Tsum lip smackers and stackable toys because I couldn't stop talking about them one day. 

I mean cute?!

I found these space brooches at a local gift shop in Williamsburg and for $12 couldn't resist!

How cute are these going to look on my denim jacket? 

I also picked up this 2017 calendar.

And these face masks from a Korean beauty shop in Chinatown.

How could I forget the Unicorn onesie and Letterfolk board my boyfriend also gifted me <3

That onesie is the coziest thing in the world and the Letterfolk already has Christmas lyrics on it.

Give me the loot, give me the loot

Monday, November 28, 2016

Birthday Loot Part I

I always love watching unboxing/ vlog videos of other bloggers but I don't really have the camera presence (or patience for that matter) to create my own. Not to mention, I don't receive packages often enough to warrant a video. 

All of the of the gift bags were given to me my friends and family, and some of the boxes were gifts/ treat yo self birthday treats.

Pretty please, with a bow on top?!

The first unboxing is a small leather good from Coach.

This adorable dinosaur coin purse/keychain was a gift to myself after seeing it on a Thanksgiving sale for 30% off. 

This Tom Ford Black Orchid gift set was also a gift to me, from me.

The box set comes with a 50ml perfume, lotion and a roll on travel size version.

It had been a few months since I ran out of my signature scent so when I went to pick up the bottle at Bloomingdales and this gift set was only $25 more than the 50ml bottle I kinda had to...!

If you haven't had a chance to smell Black Orhid, I highly recommend looking for it and doing so the next time you're in a department store.

On my way to Drybar on the day of my birthday,  I walked past a Shoegasm in the West Village and saw these black hightop Vans in the window.

I've been wanting a pair for awhile (see Fall Wish List), and decided to pull the trigger after realizing they're actually super comfortable.

I had been on the hunt for what is inside this Monnier Fieres box for months after seeing these street style photo of Gigi Hadid - here.

And I was so very pleasantly surprised that my boyfriend got the hint (and the email I sent with a direct link haha).

This Furla Candy backpack in orange was only sold in Europe so I was super excited when I found it on the french boutique website. 

 Getting super close to having the entire ROYGBV in my hand bag collection (missing yellow and purple).

She even pairs nicely with Dino.

Stay tuned for Part II of the birthday loot tomorrow....

Inspiration ::: Pyjamas All Day

all images pulled from tumblr