Around Town ::: Chelsea Galleries

The Chelsea art galleries are a one of a kind New York experience. 

Ranging from about 17th street to 29th street, the galleries are scattered along 9th and 10th avenue and are easy to pop in and out of - scoping out the art work both old and contemporary.

The best part about these galleries is that they are completely free and accessible to anyone and everyone without needing a membership (both literally and socially). 

On Thursday's the galleries have their openings of new exhibits on these nights there is always free wine and snacks with crowds that are high energy and of high volume. 

Along with admiring the art, I can't help but admire the space the art is displayed in as well. 

Crisp white walls, shiny clean floors and art that pops from the walls all make the aesthetic of the galleries picture book worthy.

The Alexander Gray Gallery.

My favorite exhibit of the day was Nendo's metal furniture at the Friedman Benda gallery with projections on the walls:

Each chair is unique in it's design and structure.

The reflections off the mirrored metal of the chairs and the projections on the walls really made for a show!

After walking around for a few hours, we grew an appetite only pasta could tame.

A beautiful fall day for exploring.


I love sharing the ins and outs of places and events that are happening around town that you may not know about if you don't live in the city. 

The Chelsea art galleries are fun and an economical way to enjoy the city and all of the little hidden secrets it has to offer. I already want to go back and check out new exhibitions that open weekly and I urge you to do the same!


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