Birthday Loot Part II

...Part II of the birthday loot...

The Comme de Garçon long sleeves Play tee was also another item on my wish list that I had decided months ago I would treat myself to on my birthday... wish is my command :).

This cute little polka dot bag was from Allie...

...filled with little treasures from Anthropology. 

Create your own luck

My godmother and uncle gifted me a Bimba Y Lola crossbody from their trip to Portugal.

Ain't she purtty?

I really love the frosted hardware - super nice detail.

A friend of mine gifted me these Tsum Tsum lip smackers and stackable toys because I couldn't stop talking about them one day. 

I mean cute?!

I found these space brooches at a local gift shop in Williamsburg and for $12 couldn't resist!

How cute are these going to look on my denim jacket? 

I also picked up this 2017 calendar.

And these face masks from a Korean beauty shop in Chinatown.

How could I forget the Unicorn onesie and Letterfolk board my boyfriend also gifted me <3

That onesie is the coziest thing in the world and the Letterfolk already has Christmas lyrics on it.

Give me the loot, give me the loot


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