Travel ::: Art Basel Part I

We woke up to a beautiful day and got breakfast at a local spot our Air B&B host recommended.

I don't think I have to tell you again how palm trees make me feel <3

With our tummy's full from Big Pink's we hopped in an uber and made our way to the convention center for the main Art Basel event.

The following is only part I and an edited down list of my favorite pieces of the day....

Unfortunately, there was too much to see to match every piece with it's artist but I'll try and get to it!

The art was organized alphabetically by artist and/or gallery exhibiting the art.

Most of the art displayed is for sale and museums, galleries and individuals alike make a visit to purchase a piece. 

We were there for pure admiration.

Lots of color and rainbow inspired pieces.

As well as, mirrored/reflective pieces.

There were food courts and these lounge type spots scattered throughout the ginormous convention center. 


Can't not recongize a James Turell when you see it!

The pieces with a lot of color and words really grabbed my attention.

I decided to split the Art Basel post into two parts because there was way to much I wanted to share...more pics coming soon on my next post!


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