Travel ::: Art Basel Part II

Part II of my Art Basel experience, where I love all the art work but unfortunately didn't capture any of the names....

This guy wins best audience outfit - a walking art piece himself!

Ugo Rondinone

Money never sleeps

Are you lonely too?

Yayoi Kusama

One of my favorites of the day and of always - Yayoi Kusama -  Infinity Room

The view from the inside. 

The infinity room is a mirrored cube box with little holes letting in light from the outside. The reflections of the light holes surrounding you 360 makes it look like they go on for infinity - SO COOL!

The view into the holes on the outside.

Door opened.

Door Closed.

....and that's the end of my experience at the Art Basel Convention Center. Stayed tuned for my next post when I show some exhibits off the convention center grounds going down in Miami....


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