Travel ::: Faena

Our last stop in Miami was to the mystical and magical world of Faena.

Faena, is a hospitality experience brought to life by the famous Argentine real estate developer Alan Faena that he believes will change Miami in the same way his first hotel changed Bueno Aires'. 

Located in the corridor between Collins Avenue between North Beach & South Beach, Faena offers guests a world of food, drink, spa, theatre and art with a touch of whimsical mystery in every detail. 

Where the canal meets the ocean is where Alan Faena pictured being the perfect spot to create his one-of-a-kind world.

Walking out of the lobby, towards the grounds of the hotel, Damien Hurst's "Gone but not Forgotten" is displayed in a dramatic glass house at the gate to the beach.  

Eastern inspired decoration (reds & golds) meets a Miami color palette (turquoise & blues) in the outdoor bar & restaurant of the hotel. 

For Art Basel week, a spherical tent was set up on the sand behind the hotel.

Perched, almost like a circus tent against the sunset painted sky, it felt almost intrusive to enter without permission. 

Inside- bean bags lined the floor, and projections filled the ceiling of the tent with a champagne bar set up to purchase a glass.  

The back patio reached up against the water, allowing for a relaxing and luxurious stop to admire the day transitioning to night. 

ahhhh....I could get use to this!

We toured (what it seemed) the entire hotel grounds, but somehow didn't make it to the theatre or restaurant. I guess we gotta leave something for next time...

Faena is one of the first times a luxury brand has migrated from South America to North America (it's usually the other way around).

Alan choose Miami for the location of his hospitality dream because it had the latin inspired narrative they were looking for....

...From the indoor/ outdoor living, to the style of food and energy. It's really hard to describe Faena, other than saying it is Faena.

Truly a stunning site!

From a bird's eye view it almost like it can be an adult Disney World.

Faena also has spanned into a district of Miami. Making history as the second location to ever be allowed to have it's own name. 

I NEED this chandelier in my home!

Across the street, we went to go check out Kelly Framel's, of The Glamourai's, Faena Bazaar. 

A curated shop of all things exotic and lux - the story was set up like an art exhibit with red painted walls and textiles as the canvas. 

I could spend hours admiring her hand picked treasures from across the world. 

Every where you turn was a piece of art. The Yoon Lee installation on the walls of the Faena Bazaar. 

From the facade of the building to the interiors. 

The grounds also include - Faena Art - a cultural museum (which was unfortunately closed). 

This chair is what my child hood dream's are made of!

This Pedro Friedeberg was transfixing!

A shellfie....get it?!

Even if you can't afford to stay at the hotel or shop at the bazaar (like myself) you can spend the night exploring the grounds and experiencing the top notch world of Faena. 


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