Travel ::: Miami, South Beach

We woke up the next morning to the perfect weather for a Miami beach day!

Some beach essentials.

That mini jam box is a must for a good beach day vibe.


The gorgeous turquoise water of the gulf that makes it's way around Florida to Miami are what dreams are made of (although admittedly a bit cold to dive in).

All along the sand every life guard stand is colored in it's own theme.

Stripes to match my suit :)

With the hopes of never having to save someone's life, being a lifeguard and spending all day on the beach doesn't sound like a bad day job.

After a few hours of laying in the sun and beach naps we made our way in to get ready to continue exploring what Art Basel has to offer.

With my Gigi in hand, we headed to Collins Park which was displaying some great sculptures throughout their garden.

Holy Guacamole!

This piece is what I really came to see - 

Ugo Rondinone's Magic Mountain.

Did you know Miami is known as the City of Magic?

Absolutely stunning! Ugo actually brought these rocks from the Nevada dessert.

He paints the rocks in artificially bright yellows, purples and other colors that are stacked at about 32 feet high!

Seeing this installation amongst the palm trees and buildings was truly a site to see!

The park from the entrance of the BAM.

This sculpture was my second favorite piece in the park.

The closer you got to the man - the more he disappeared into the sky!

We then made our way to The Edition Hotel for dinner at The Matador Room.

If you're ever in Miami, make sure to check out The Basement at the Edition.

What if this is all real?

It includes this funky bowling ally.

I had to much to dream last night


Unfortuntaly, I didn't get any pictures in The Matador Room because I was too indulged in the experience but the food was delicious and I recommend trying their Arroz con Pollo.

Stay tuned for the last Miami post where we visit the brilliant hospitality meets art concept of Faena....


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