Christmas 2016

Christmas seems to come up so quickly and by the time you have a moment to enjoy it... its over!
 I already miss it!

Here's a recap of my holiday....

Photo booth at my office party was a hit! Obsessed with these rainbow fujimax film so much so that I got myself a few packs!

Evidence of a fun party with my agency :)

Every year, the girlfriends I grew up with get together and we host a little Secret Santa party. We delegate someone outside of the group to text us our Secret Santa picks. A day or so before Christmas we meet up and have food & drinks as we open gifts.

Christmas is really the one time a year we're all home for the holidays. This year our girl Gwen is abroad in Thailand teaching english, so we face -timed her so she could be there!

My immediate family also has a little Secret Santa tradition we started a few years ago. My Aunt Jenny was my pick and the person who I wrapped this adorable fruit gift box for.  I got her some supplies to make cake pops (she is already an amazing cake decorator I figured I'd introduce a new format). 

My family sets up our Christmas tree in the greenhouse and the way the lights reflect on the glass at night is just pure magic!

Looks like Santa came!

On Christmas Eve, we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house in North Jersey for the holidays. In latin tradition, we open gifts at midnight and have a big slumber party (since we usually stay up until at least 4am).

This year, we all got matching pajamas and we're not really sure what took us so long! Even the pups got jammies.

During the break, we tried out a Paint & Sip class.

I've posted this photo before, but clearly my favorite gift of the year!

Cannot wait for next holiday season to fill with new and old traditions - potlucks, brunches, cookie baking and more!


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