TBT ::: Birthdays Part I

I realized when I was putting together my best of 2016 post, I never got around to posting these pics from my birthday.

On my actual birthday, Sean and I went on a little date around the lower part of town.

We started with cocktails at Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex is also a type of speakeasy where the front of the bar is a guitar and antique shop.

You can actually purchase items in store, or go up to the hostess at the register and go inside the bar.

The bar is dark with sparks of light scattered throughout to set the mood. 

I turned 27 this time around and I gotta say, I feel like I'm truly + officially in my late twenties. Another year means more life lessons, wisdom and getting to know myself in a way that is more confident and established. 

I'm the type of person who loves birthdays (yes I make it a birthday week) and unlike people who hate getting older - I think age is a privilege not awarded to all so we have to make the most of our precious years on this earth. 

Beauty & Essex is an ornate cocktail bar and restaurant that serves amazingly mixed cocktails and delicate bites.

The top floor has these gorgeous beaded chandeliers covering the entirety of the ceiling. 

My favorite part of this place (and unfortunately not pictured) is that the ladies room has a champagne bar and little lounge area for you to take a second for the girls. 

After cocktails we made our way to the french bistro Balthazar for dinner. 

Balthazar is one of those classic New York spots with dim lighting and loud tables you may see someone you know seated at (whether it's a movie star or an old friend). 

Of course the birthday girl had to start dinner with some oysters <3

Balthazar is mostly known for their amazing steak and desserts, I was super excited to finally try this place out!

Birthday girl feeling herself ;)

And for the grand finale, opening birthday gifts! My man did good (with a few hints from me).

See Birthday Loot post for what I received! 


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