#TBT ::: Birthdays Part II

The Saturday after my official birthday I made a reservation for six at Ladurée Soho.

But not before stopping at Dry Bar and some pre-brunch champagne at mine. 

This was my very first Dry Bar experience. $40 for a basic wash and dry with some champagne until you're done?!

I totally know why some women go get their hair done every week.

Quick change to this yellow velvet Zara number.

I've always wanted to go to Ladurée, but it never really came to mind with guests I've been with. That's when I thought a girl's brunch for my birthday would be the perfect excuse, and opportunity to experience the French delicatessens of the macaroon shop. 

The right side of the table.

The gorgeous garden view from our table.

The fall golden leaves gently falling down every time the wind blew through the courtyard really added an extra touch of whimsical to the place (remember, this is November). 

The left side of the table.

They place these lambskin throws over the chairs in the outside patio , and they really do make you feel so cozy and warm under the heat lamps. 

One of each please....

The interiors of the space are very French traditional, while the colors of the pastries and the menus give the restaurant a a pop of fun - a very Marie Antoinette vibe. 

Le fries.

Even each place setting was it's only little work of art. 

We saved the best part for last...dessert!

This strawberry creme puff pastry was divine. 

Our dessert assortment. I took the smallest little bites of each and chewed real slow to really appreciate the amazing flavor. 

After brunch, we went for a little shopping tour on the west side to walk off the sweets.

The unique location of the Comme des Garçon boutique in the Chelsea art district. 

Sista, sista. 

Next stop: Barney's. 

Mostly to see the interiors and this amazing spiral staircase. 

These velvet couches. I mean...can I just 
have a little birthday gift Barney's, just this once?

Oh, you know may have gotten a little bday treat at Comme des Garçon.

After shopping we headed to Gabby's for some cake, pizza and pre-gaming before a night out..

And she made this delicious Ferrero Rochers cake, which of course she knows is my absolute favorite chocolate. 

At 27, I'm really looking forward to further establishing my career, my sense of style and I really want to be more productive in my day to day including eating healthier and working out more often.

What an amazing way to bring in a new year. Could a birthday girl be any luckier?


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