Around Town ::: Mansur Pop-Up

I've been dying to check out the Mansur Pop-Up for some time now, being that it is right down the street from my office. So, when the weather was nice last week, I finally found my chance!

The store is located at 134 Wooster Street in Soho. 

The store had gone through a Candy Shop spring transformation right before Fashion Week started.

The walls painted in yellow from floor to ceiling were filled with rainbow candy displayed in jars with the Mansur Gavriel treats lined up between.

Goodies on goodies on goodies!!!!

The way the store is set up really felt like you could just pick one of the bags of the wall and pop it in your mouth.

This orange mini Sun Bag really had me tempted.....

it just looks so bright and cheery!


Shoppers from around the world!

If you ever find yourself in the Soho area, make sure to stop by the pop-up (even if you can't afford the merchandise) it's worth the trip!


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