Around Town ::: New York City Ballet Art Series

Every year the New York City Ballet hosts an Art Series where they showcase a range of ballets performed by a range of ballerinas (from students to the premier dancers). Tickets are a flat rate of $45 dollars no matter where you sit. And it's become one of my favorite culture events the city has to offer. 

The NYCB Art Series chooses a local artist (most of which have studios in Bushwick) to exhibit their art in the grand lobby of the David H. Koch Theatre.

And every year my sister and I jump on purchasing tickets as soon as they go on sale! (See my previous visit to the Art Series here)

It's such an indescribable feeling walking up to Lincoln Center. 

The gorgeous and incomparable Misty Copeland.

The entire performance consisted of 5 different ballet numbers. Some of which I snuck a pic during the bowing.

Ballerinas really know how to make an exit!

After the performances ended we made our way to the lobby for some dancing and free beer from the Brooklyn Brewery.

Santtu Mustonen's gorgeous artwork was projected on huge canvases in the lobby. 

"By combining abstract, handcrafted visual imagery with new technology, Mustonen will take advantage of the Koch Theater’s towering height and multiple vantage points to create a large-scale video installation created from a series of original, digitally altered paintings produced especially for New York City Ballet."

Santtu Mostonen is a Finnish artist who lives and work in his studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

I really admired his technique of mixing hand painted brush strokes and digital distortion to create a surreal visual that changes shapes and colors through the passing of time.

The organic movement of the colors and patterns created a painting in motion whose dynamics were as captivating as the movement of the dancers on stage.

It’s also a wonderful nod to today’s artistic environment by using digital tools to accomplish visuals that personify the emotions of suspense and excitement.

And this is where I got a little out of hand....

Ugh just gorgeous! I could have stayed there all night. 

Love the hustle and bustle of a Friday night in the heart of New York City. 

I can't be on the Upper West Side without making a stop at my Alma Mater Fordham. 

I hope to keep up this tradition of attending NYCB Art Series for years to come!


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