Women's March

It's been extremely difficult to put into words what the Women's March means to me. Hell it's extremely difficult to even engage in social media anymore (Facebook I'm looking at you!) and not want to cut off half of the people who have been part of your life for forever. 

In the consequent weeks after the March, I've seen plenty of people, many of which are women question why it was we marched?

"Don't we all have the same opportunities? Aren't we allowed to do what we want? Can't women work? And vote? Go to college? Become whatever they put their mind and heart to? 

In fact women have it better than ever before! We can vote and still get the door held open for us! We can work and have children!"

"What's the problem? 
Stop whining.
Stop being a snowflake"

After I picked my jaw off of the floor, and convinced myself not to punch a wall (cause it'll just hurt me back ha) I came to the realization that these people just don't get it.

I march because our government wants to defund Planned Parenhood.
I march because old white men are trying to tell me what to do with my own damn body. 
I march because a man can rape a women and be caught in the act, and spend 6 lame months in jail.
I march because I have to text my friends when I get home. 
I march because NO you can't grab my pussy.
I march because I have to be scared to walk down the street by myself. 
I march because I can like sex too. 
I march because I don't have to wear a tight dress or heels to be seen attractive.
I march because I make $.78 to the dollar in comparison to men (for the same job).
I march because I have to work 5x harder to get there then a man. 
I march because theres a tax on tampons but not Viagra. 
I march because I believe everyone has the right to have freedom and justice no matter the gender, sex, race, religion, height, weight....

My experience during the March was nothing but good. I think just about the only bad thing was that there were so many people!

The crowd was energetic was buzzing with positive energy circling about. We entered at 1st ave and 47th street, and waited in what was pretty much a line to enter the actual "marching grounds" which started at 47th and 2nd ave and went across down on 42nd street to Trump Tower.

We inched our way for probably 1 hour onto 2nd Avenue. The entire time for some reason I felt like I was on the verge of tears, and every so often I would get a spread of goose bumps. 

The crowd was made up of all ages, all genders, all races, all religions....it was beautiful how something so ugly brought so many people together. And everyone was genuinely so happy to be there and have their voices heard. If you knocked into someone along the way, or needed to excuse yourself to get through to a friend in the crowd, every one there was nothing but polite and cordial. 

Once we actually reached the street, we looked back towards downtown and was met with the absolutely most stunning view of people as far as the eye can see with really creative and funny and true true signs. 

After I marched the feelings that motivated me to go to the march and make myself heard as a citizen of this country were even stronger. 

I marched because I believe we the people are powerful.
I marched because I know the difference between god and evil.
I marched because there are people in this country who are less privileged than I have been and they deserve to have the same opportunity for happiness and success in their lifetime.
I marched because American was made of immigrants and diversity is the very thing we stand for.
I marched because I know there are good people out there who will stand up for those who are being targeted as weak. 


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