Around Town ::: Design Show

Over the weekend, we set off in the early afternoon for a day out in the city. Before jumping on the train we stopped a new spot in town for brunch - Loosie Rouge. 

Since it recently opened I had never been before, I was pleasantly surprised when they took us from the front bar area to a larger dining room in the back, as well as, a bright fresh atrium. 

We started with coffees and mimosas...

Absolutely loving this coaster, nothing defines me more on a weekday morning than that cute girl flicking you off. 

...and decided to do one sweet and one savory dish. 

Nutella Beignets with house made whipped cream, which we just out of this world. I had the restraint to save one to eat after I had the savory dish to end on a sweet note. 
(i always have to end in a sweet note). 

Cheeky ^^^

For the savory dish we deliberated and decided on the baked eggs with meatballs.

Saw this in the trueeee!!!

Nom nom nom. 

After brunch we hopped on the JMZ and headed to Pier 92&94 for the Architectural Digest Design Show. 

Vendors from all over the world were showcasing their newest lines of home goods. 

NEED this blue velvet couch it's so beautiful!

Loved the creativity of this furniture company ^

And I'll take the copper tub too please.....

Always love me some neon. 

Shopping is my Cardio. 

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Speaking of....we headed to the movies in Times Square to catch Beauty & the Beast but ended up being sold out.

So we did the next best thing and got tickets to another movie - Hidden Figures - which I had been also dying to see and made a trip to the Disney Store!!!

I haven't been in probably over 10 years but I remember as a kid my absolute dream Friday night was a trip to the Disney Store and a movie with my parents. 

Times are so....shiny!

Trying not to laugh because we decided to even stick around this area. 

With a little more time to kill, we did the only other thing a classy couple like us could do....get apps and drinks at Applebees. 

I guess mozzarella sticks + margaritas > movie snacks and soda. 

America - you are kinda cool!


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