Around Town ::: Scope Armory Show

On Sunday, my friend Zareen invite dme with her to The Armory Show at Scope. I normally keep my Sunday's really low key but I do love taking advantage of my entire weekend because it makes it seem so much longer!

Ya feel!?

What I normally look like on a Sunday morning ^^^^

These gold drips belong in my bedroom.

These Neon slim sculptures were my favorite!

Also loved this pink breast cancer awareness Stormtrooper <3

The paintings looked like a bird's eye view of a red carpet.

But at closer glance proved to be a photo of blobs of paint with layers of actual paint on top of it.

So crazy how the illusion of color can trick your eye to seeing things that don't exist. 

Me on a Friday night. 

Me on a Saturday night. 

These hyper realistic sculptures of swimmers were amazing. 

Down to the drops of water on their bodies from emerging from the pool. 

Really loved this flat/ 3D looking painted sculpture. 

Another Birkin I can't afford.

Boy bye.

After circling the show a few times, we made our way to the West Village to have a snack at While We Were Young a new restaurant and bar that is exactly our aesthetic....down to the lavender cocktail. 

Marble table tops make everything look better.

We were together, I forget the rest....

All the colors <3

Those truffle fries were to die for!


Sunday funday in Manhattan :)


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