Life Lately

Cute neon at a store pop up in Soho. 

It's starting to feel like Spring in the city, and nothing, NOTHING is more magical than Spring in New York :)

Sneaky skaters, posing and puffing. 

Super cool gallery viewing of "Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear" by Nancy Chunn

Early morning Jane Motorcycle Coffee stop...vroom vroom.

Ice coffee season is my favorite too!!!

My face when I realize it's not Friday (every day). 

Quaint corners in the West Village. 

A trip to the New York Aquarium last weekend to see the Sea Lion show!

...In the rain! Which miraculously stopped as soon as the show started. 

Hi little guy! These sea lions were honestly so talented and adorable!

They can sing, dance, stick out their tongues, clap their hands (and their feet)!

Coney Island in March is so calm and serene. Ugh I just love the beach! I wish we lived closer. 

Family + Aquarium = a day well spent!


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