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It's no surprise if you've been following this blog or my Instagram that handbags are my weakness - fashion wise. I am that person who checks on Net-a-porter, Shopbop, Barney's etc daily to see the new collections,  recheck the bags i have been eyeing and dreaming of putting them in my cart and of course to see if anything goes on sale!My biggest secret weapon to purchasing a handbag to add to my collection is consignment websites like Fashionphile and The Real Real. 

Each of my bags have a really great story and I thought it was time to share those stories with you!

New Bags:

All of my brand new bags were gifted to me from my main man during our five year courtship.

Alexander Wang Rockie In Pebbled - Although gifted, I did the research for this one and was able to find this bag on sale on the Alexander Wang website for 57% off after Christmas. It came in the mail at the office of my first job and I could not wait to open it! I got the pebble finish in an Ink color (blueish/black).

Furla Candy Mini Backpack - This was a birthday from Monnier Freres, one of my favorite online boutiques. I had seen Gigi Hadid wearing it in a street style photo and immediately had to have it! It's super fun in the bright orange color, modern and also super durable. Great for the beach and exploring on vacation!

Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Shoulder Bag - This bag is probably my favorite at the moment and has a really sweet story behind it. The boy and I agreed not to exchange gifts last Christmas, and I woke up to find presents under the tree. There was an awkward triangular shaped present, and when I opened it it was a shopping bag from Monnier Freres. I immediately looked at him and was like, "what did you dooooo?!" And opened that bag to see the Proenza canvas duster with this neon yellow beauty inside. You can imagine I jumped for joy!

Consignment Bags:

Balenciaga Chevre First Anthracite - My very first high designer bag I purchased (besides Coach and Kate Spade, whom I do still love) was the black Balenciaga city bag for my 25th. It was such a classic bag, and was able to find it on Fashionphile for 43% off the original price. This was when I also found out about their layaway program which allows you to be put a bag on hold for a set down payment, and gives you 60 days to complete the purchase, interest free! The consequence of not completing the full purchase, is paying a 10% restocking fee. I honestly feel so appreciative of Fashionphile for allowing regular hard working girls the chance at purchasing a dream designer bag without dropping half your rent! This bag is really where the obsession began...

Balenciaga Agneau Giant 12 Gold Hip Bleu Tropical - This cute torquoise bag, was another Fashionphile purchase that I bought when I got my new job! I found for an insane 39% of the original price and jumped on the "add to cart" button before I lost my chance. I've probably gotten the most use out of this little guy and it's the perfect size to carry all your essentials and necessities right at your finger tips. Plus that little pocket upfront has become the most functional and accessible place to keep my Metro card. 

Valentino Vitello Rockstud Crossbody Bag - This was a retail therapy purchase when my first and only dog had to be put down. I named it Sparky after my little guy and first love, who I swear was the gay brother I never had. Not to mention this color was everything! A pink bag was high on my wish list and when you find this bag, in this color for 50% off the original price?! I literally couldn't fall asleep one night thinking about making the purchase and I evidently pulled the trigger.

Chloe Calfskin Small Marcie Round Crossbody Bag - This bag was a treat to myself for getting a promotion at work.  You guessed it... another Fashionphile purchase. This cute little bag is actually not that little at all. The round saddle shape of the crossbody really allows you to fit a lot more than you would think! The red color was another huge draw for me because I don't think there's anything better than a pop of red against a pretty neutral outfit. This Chloe bag I got for 60% off the original price. 

Louis Vuitton Chantilly PM Monogram Canvas - This bag really caught my attention when I saw some super chic girl on the subway wearing a camel coat and this bag, carrying her groceries home on a weekday. Her vibe was so chill and simple. It made me really want to invest in a signature logo piece, especially since logos were back in! I hunted for this gal on every single site out there, for days on end and was able to finally secure it from a Japanese Ebay site for $199! There's no better feeling than having a piece in mind and searching non stop for it to then, find it for such a good price! 

(Not pictured : Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag, Furla Mini Candy, Rebecca Minkoff)

Loving this collection, and can't wait to continue adding to it ;)

I may or may not already have a piece on layaway right now....


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