Life Lately

Brunch with old friends at De Maria.

I was impressed with the interior design of the restaurant and how many people they managed to fit in there without feeling overcrowded.

I got the baked egg special. The avocado toast my friend got was really loaded with avo, and had some salmon on top...yum!!!!

There's also a ton outdoor seating in the middle of their endearing entrance. To the right, a hand painted geometric mural, on the other, a letter board with their hours.

After brunch I decided to stroll around downtown since the weather was super nice!

Popped by the Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Love the checkered floors and obviously all the cupcakes in the display.

Dropping love

Right next to De Maria is the popular Butcher's Daughter which has great breakfast and vegan fare. 

My real treat came in the form of Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream.

With two scoops; the rockiest road and coconut ash.

I even got a seat at the window (worth the 25 min wait).

Choose love!

Super cute Everlane flower shop pop up downtown!

Cutes slip kitten heels with flexible and comfortable backs! Yes, finally a shoe madenfor the city walker. 

Nothings better than leaving your house at 10am on a nice spring day, and hopping around the city without stopping back home until it's time to go to bed.


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