Travel ::: Miami II

The next morning we woke up bright and early to start our day exploring Miami (or at this point walking around our ol' stomping grounds)

This view though!

Good morning Miami!!!!

Hat: Lack of Colour
Dress: Who What Wear for Target
Shoes: Teva
Clutch: Bando

To get to and leave our hotel we had to walk up and down Española way and it really was just so cute and dreamy every time!

Our hotel - CasaVictoria Orchid. 

Definitely a simple and modest hotel, but clean and nicely decorated. Each room even came with a small kitchenette and access to hotels near by with pools on Ocean Drive.

This yellow bougainvillea framed the street nicely and added a pop of energy in contrast to the tranquil pink building facades. 

We walked north to The Social Club for their unlimited mimosa brunch. 

Palm trees!!! (haha i'll never stop calling out my love for them!)

At The Social Club they give you a flute of different juices to mix with your champagne. 

My favorite was the watermelon!

Nom nom nom - Pineapple French Toast and an Egg Sandwich.

S is for Stephanie! 

After brunch we passed by the amazing art deco architecture and made our way to the beach.

Rainbow crosswalks lead us to the beach!

We rented beach chairs, an umbrella and got some beers to sip on as we relaxed and napped near the water. 

This bachelor party had me cracking up laid out behind Sean!


This bando clutch is the perfect size for your essentials.

We decided to pack up and walk towards our hotel around 4pm and took a detour to use the restroom and discover the grounds of the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel.

These private massage and party cabanas seemed like the perfect way to spend a bachelorette or birthday!

Retro + Art Deco!

Really loving the overgrowth and lushness of the buildings on Collins. 

I've wanted a buggy like this since I was 8 and the new VW bug came out!

We ended our day, before getting ready for the night, at the cutest French bistro A La Folie Cafe across the street from our hotel. 

A cappuccino and a Nutella crepe to hold us over before dinner!


For dinner we ate at the most impeccable Italian Restaurant Il Mulino.

The entire inside of the restaurant was fresh white and marble and as soon as we sat down we were fed fresh parmesan cheese, bread and fried zucchini even before looking at the menu - definitely felt like an authentic Italian home.

We got lump crab, oysters, meatballs and garlic and clam pasta.

Ugh I want that meal right now!

We called it night by stopping by our favorite Basement at The Edition Miami - can't get enough of this rainbow vibe <3


  1. 2 comments: one of the guys on the bachelor party caught you taking the pic. (zoom on) and 2 I'm taking notes on your bachelorette party wishes! Lol

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