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Since it was raining our last day in Miami, we decided to check out of our hotel early after breakfast and head to the Pérez Art Museum Miami on the way to the airport.

It actually worked out amazingly because they were able to store our suitcases, as we walked around the museum aimlessly wasting some time before our 7pm flight.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take down each and every artist who's work really caught my eye. 

The experience started with Lawrence Weiner's Out of Sight

A generic structure by American artist Lawrence Weiner, the artwork is based upon the concept of a hopscotch designed for public institutions. His work is mostly texted based, where it's presentation takes the form of a game that invites museum goers to begin their engagement at the museum. 

Absolutely loved this water color floor inlay! 

Just gorgeous! 

I particularly liked the work of Australian artist Toba Khedoori

Her work is known for it's precise draftsmanship and use of negative space. 

Khedoori often works on a very large scale and does all her drawings by hand. 

She depicts architectural forms from distanced perspectives - like these windows and the doors above. 

Cozy nooks to take a break. 

My other favorite piece was Routes of Influence - six thematic presentations of work from PAMM's permanent collection. 

The piece was inspired by Miami's position as a hub of diverse flow of people, ideas and art histories. 

The name of the piece specifically exchanges the word "roots" for "routes" emphasizing trajectories over origins in it's interpretation of the artwork.

David Reed: Vice and Reflection

These colors made me feel both at peace and happy!

One of the best parts about PAMM is the building itself, and the sculpture garden that surrounds it.

Especially loving this piece by Jesús Rafael Soto, Penetrable BBL Blue 2/8.

We saw his yellow version at LACMA in LA, so seeing this blue version in Miami was a super fun way to connect our travels!

Let it rain down on me!

These elephant ears were ginormous! 


Jumper: WhoWhatWear for Target

Jacket: GAP

Hat: Lack of Colour

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Balenciaga

After we finished the tour of the Museum, even visiting some spaces twice, we decided to stop at the gift shop and grab a bite to eat before heading to the airport. 

I know it's silly, but one of my favorite parts about visiting a museum is their curated gift shops! They have the best, most unique little gifts to take home. 

This yummy slushed Paloma was the perfect departing gift.

Before leaving the museum they encourage you to drop off your pin in this box.

So many colorful artifacts of museum visit's passed.

Bye Miami!!!! Until next time, because I know I will be back to one of my favorite cities in the US!


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